Our Beggining

The Pursuit of Happiness

It has been clear since birth that positivity in both the internal and external world rein the purpose of life. Finding a place to be free of social norms became the first step in finding ourselves, our perspective truths, and our purpose. Sharing this positivity became the continual pursuit.

The Struggle

As any other being on earth we have struggled to come to the point in the now that we currently reside. Over time we have come to realizations in the true power of manifesting the reality in which we live. With an open mind and a dream, ANYTHING is possible and EVERYTHING is plausible.

The Dreams

All things come from a dream. Once the visualization takes hold, it is followed by a stream of both questions and answers. We have followed the questions and answers in our path to manifest a community, collectively manifesting a brighter future. 

The Spark

Not to long ago my typical day consisted of being alone in a room, working alone in an attempt to build a brighter future. I had always imagined that with money comes possibilities, and with those doors open, anything could be achieved. I was working a night shift with a close friend, searching for a new residence for the time when my lease ran out. We had been talking a great deal about manifesting our lives, the power of the Law of Attraction, and the quest for and understanding of life itself. My friend and fellow founder of Manifest played a video on his phone of someone building homes in the desert out of bags of sand and lime. Within an hour I had found a 40 acre piece of land and placed a bid feeling deeply that this was the right decision and never looking back.

The Deal

The land was secured. Life was about to change forever. Ideas began flowing in as if everything in our lives had seemed to lead perfectly to this destination. At first a place to live, evolved the ideas of a perfect community. A perfect new beginning. A place where anything could become possible. A place that we set out to Manifest Utopia.